For more than 60 years products from our house ensure the right temperatures. Through path- breaking developments in the field of refrigeration and air- conditioning engineering we have gained worldwide recognition.

Our product range covers unit air coolers, fan coils and finned heat exchangers. We only produce at our company located in Gerlingen near Stuttgart.

Fan Coil Units
Air Coolers
Heat Exchangers

Run around coil heat recovery heat exchangers are designed to achieve heat recovery values up to 80%. This is achived by a special hydraulic circuiting. Due to a in- line tube arrangement and thick fins the heat exchangers are easily cleanable and achieve high capacities. Because exhaust air and inlet air are never mixed in this type of heat recovery, it is remarkable hygenic.

The special design of Roller heat exchangers has additional benefits. For example the air side pressure drop is remarkably low to in-line tube arrangement inside the coil.

The high efficiency is achivied by a high number of tube rows in the heat exchanger. It is usual to use 12 to 24 rows in depth. Due to that the heat gets a nearly counterflow charateristic which is the best for heat exchange.

We can supply calculations for diverse kinds of air conditioning appliances. Starting at two circuited heat exchangers up to plants with the usage of residual heat.

The capacity of the heat exchangers was tested and approved by TÜV Süd in the context of a type examination.