For more than 60 years products from our house ensure the right temperatures. Through path- breaking developments in the field of refrigeration and air- conditioning engineering we have gained worldwide recognition.

Our product range covers unit air coolers, fan coils and finned heat exchangers. We only produce at our company located in Gerlingen near Stuttgart.

Fan Coil Units
Air Coolers
Heat Exchangers

Roller heat exchangers consist of CuDHP copper tubes and thick and smooth aluminum fins. That combination achieves high capacity with a minimum of air pressure drop. Stability and the ability to clean the coils end- to- end is given by that design. Due to the variety of tube spacing systems (two staggered and two in-line), fin materials, fin spacings, and different frame materials we can supply heat exchangers for various application fields.


  • Standard: CuDHP smooth
  • CuDHP internally grooved (only for refrigerant operation)
  • CuDHP pretinned
  • CuDHP thick- wall tube


  • Standard: Aluminium fins
  • Copper fins
  • AlMg3 fins
  • pre- lacquerd fins
  • hydrophilic fins


  • Standard: Aluminium
  • Copper
  • Stainless Steel (1.4301, 1.4571)
  • AlMg3


The heat exchangers are designed to heat or cool air. The operation with other gases then air is forbidden.


The heat exchangers can be operated with a wide range of medias inside the tubes. Usual medias are: 

  • Water, glycol and water based brines etc.
  • All kinds of refrigerants like R404A, R134a, R507A, R744.

It is possible to operate the heat exchanger with an even wider area of liquids/ refrigerants, as long as it doesn't attack copper in a corrosive way, and the maximum allowable pressure is observed.

Maximum allowable pressure:

Every heat exchanger has undergone a pressure test, and a leak detection test according to the latest relevant standards and guidelines.

The maximum allowable pressure is:

  • For  heat exchangers operated by water and similar liquids without phase change: PS 16 bar.
  • For heat exchangers operated by refrigerant: PS 25 bar.
  • For special designed heat exchangers for operation with high- pressure refrigerants like R744 (CO2) it is possible to do pressure tests for PS up to 55 bar.


  • Bare copper tubes (Standard for refrigerant heat exchangers)
  • Threaded fitting (Standard for "water" heat exchangers)
  • different types of flanges.

The position of the connection can be definied according to specific needs.