For more than 60 years products from our house ensure the right temperatures. Through path- breaking developments in the field of refrigeration and air- conditioning engineering we have gained worldwide recognition.

Our product range covers unit air coolers, fan coils and finned heat exchangers. We only produce at our company located in Gerlingen near Stuttgart.

Fan Coil Units
Air Coolers
Heat Exchangers

The HKN/D 200- 700 is a high- quality fan coil unit, in which the technical expertise of more than 40 years development of fan coils reflects. The modular design of the unit leads to different possibilities, to adjust the units to the designated application.

Particular attention was paid to the noise development of the unit. Due to the implementation of high quality fans very low noise emission are achieved. By the combination of the fan design with the latest EC technology the energy efficiency of the fan coil unit. 

A wide variety of accessories completes the innovative design of the HKN units.

Standard design

The definition of a standard design is rather difficult as there are 6 variants of heat exchangers available as a standard:

  • Variant 1: Dual- circuit heat exchanger: Cooling by cold water, heating by hot water.
  • Variant 2: Dual- circuit heat exchanger: Cooling be refrigerant, heating by hot water.
  • Variant 3: Single- circuit heat exchanger: Cooling by cold water, heating by electric heater.
  • Variant 4: Single- circuit heat exchanger: Cooling by refrigerant, heating by electric heater.
  • Variant 5: Single- circuit heat exchanger: Cooling by cold water, heating by hot with Change over.
  • Variant 7: Single- circuit heat exchanger: Cooling by refrigerant.


Double fan blowerRadial fan:

230 V 50/ 60 Hz, internal wired thermo contact, made of plastic material.

Available options:

  • External thermo- contact.
  • EC fans.
  • Fans and housing made of sheet.

Air filter:

Filter class G3 acc. to EN 779. Filter according to VDI 6022, class M5 is available on request.


The housing is available in two colors: light- grey (RAL 7035) and white (similar RAL 9010). Other colors are available on request. Optional there are:

  • Detachable side parts
  • Stainless steel casing
  • Rear or back cover plates

Mixing air device:

The mixing air device can provide variable air inlet from 30 % to 100 % outdoor air. Additional an anti- freeze protection is installed to protect the heat exchanger from outdoor temperatures below the freezing point.

Electric booster heater:

Up to two booster heaters are installed behind the heat exchanger. One overheat cut- off device with manual reset, 1 overheat cut- off device with auto reset, one contactor wired to terminal box.

Condensate pumps:

Our standard condensate pump is designed for a maximum of 2 m height difference and 10 m tube length. Power input: 14 W, sound pressure < 20 dB(A) in 1 m.

Protection against corrosion:

For fan coils we can provide two types of protection against corrosion:

  • Protection against corrosion type G
  • Protection against corrosion type E