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Our product range covers unit air coolers, fan coils and finned heat exchangers. We only produce at our company located in Gerlingen near Stuttgart.

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The one week fan coil unit

Covid-19 is the main topic nowadays. During all the bad news, we want to give a little success story, that took place in our company the last two weeks.

On April 9th we got a request from an HVAC contractor if we are able to deliver fan coil units for a hospital. The units will be used in a treatment facility for magnet resonance imaging (MRT), in which patients with lung pains will be examined. The air conditioning has to be installed because the heat generation of the MRT is quite high. The request consisted of a ceiling type fan coil unit, with as low as possible sound emissions, EC type fans and an installed condensate water pump. But now the challenge has been to build the unit within one week. First of all we had to check the supply chain if all necessary parts are on stock. Like every production order it started with pressing the fins, forming the tubes and building the heat exchanger. At the same time the sheet metal housing parts had to be punched and bended. In the mounting department the electric terminal boxes had to prepared. And finally today on 17th of April the final mounting of the HKND 1200 L EC took place. On the Picture you can see the final unit before it is well packed into a crate for safe transport to the installation. Challenge fulfilled. If you want us to accept your heat exchange challenge, we are ready to help.