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Our product range covers unit air coolers, fan coils and finned heat exchangers. We only produce at our company located in Gerlingen near Stuttgart.

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News 01/2018

New tube configuration for CO2 evaporators New fan coil unit controller RCN 155-L-RO next generation

Tube system for evaporators

In our evaporators/ unit coolers we are using- inline tube systems. Our philosophy provides advantages in case of efficiency, frosting, defrost and dirt accumulation. We optimized the existing 35x 35 mm with 12 mm tube configuration with a 3/8" tube to reduce internal volume and be able to provide maximum operation pressure up to 80 bar. The pressure test for these heat exchangers is done with a pressure of 115 bar. The surface of a heat exchanger is an important value when we have a look to the operating conditions. To ensure a safe and reliable operation like you are used to with our units, we didn't change the air side surface.  The Co2oler series of FHV/T, DLK/T and DHN for operation with R744 will be the new 80 bar COI series.
The DLK/T units will also benefit from the smaller internal volume.

New controller for fan coil units: RCN 155- L - RO NextGeneration

The new controller generation comes with a beautiful room control unit with LED Backlight! The room temperature is always displayed. The target temperatur can be chosen by a turning and pressing the knob. The new controller comes with alarm and operation functionalities. In combination with EC fans, we can provide step-less air flow control.