For more than 60 years products from our house ensure the right temperatures. Through path- breaking developments in the field of refrigeration and air- conditioning engineering we have gained worldwide recognition.

Our product range covers unit air coolers, fan coils and finned heat exchangers. We only produce at our company located in Gerlingen near Stuttgart.

Fan Coil Units
Air Coolers
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Selection Software

Screenshot Selection SoftwareDownload now our complete selection software bundle. The Roller Program is available to you as zip-file.

Installation hints: 

  • Click on the file you want to download and store it in a temporary directory on your computer. The installation can be done offline.
  • Start the setup with a doubleclick on the downloaded file. The setup program will assist you through the installation.
  • Further informations will be found in the files readme.txt
  • Important: You need local administration rights to install the Roller selection program under Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Win 7. 
  • Please note: It is not possible to update from Version 6.8 to Version 7.x. Please uninstall old version and install Version 7.x.
  • You also can use the LiveUpdate from Version 7.0. Please see the informations in the Updateinstructions (for all 7.x). 
  • The Roller Brine Cooler Selection Program is integrated in the Selection Program. You need Microsoft Excel (version 97 SR2 or higher) to run the Brine Cooler Selection Program. 
  • If the download takes too long (because of your online connection), you can order the software.

Version history

V 7.8.8 November 2018 - What's new? 

  • Bugfixing calculation cooling capacity with Midth Point Temperature

V 7.8.7 November 2018 - What's new? 

  • New calculation air coolers with Midth Point Temperature for
    refrigerants R407A, R407C, R407F, R449A, R448A, R452A
  • Upgrade VM/VW/VD plus
  • New fan coil units HKN/D/I/L 200-1400 mit EC fans
  • Accessories fan coil units updated
  • Brine Air Cooler Selection Program updated
  • Catalogues updated
  • Bugfixing

V 7.8.6 April 2018 - What's new? 

  • Prices according Pricelist 2018
  • Technical data heat exchanger Co2ooler DHN, DLK, FHV Co2ooler updated (COI 80 bar)
  • Technical data heat exchanger DLK/T flatline updated
  • New accessories air coller HVS/T / FHV/T added
  • New accessories fan coil units added
  • Brine Air Cooler Selection Program updated
  • Catalogues updated
  • Bugfixing

V 7.8.4 November 2017 - What's new? 

  • New Refrigarants/Functions for R449A, R448A R450A, R452A, R513A
  • Catalogues updated

V 7.8.3 July 2017 - What's new? 

  • Prices Individual Room Controler fixed
  • Brine Air Cooler Selection Program new

V 7.8.2 April 2017 - What's new? 

  • Prices according Pricelist 2017
  • Language Dansk added
  • New air cooler FKN/T 411-428 ECD and FKN/T 611-628 ECD

V 7.7.8 April 2016 - What's new? 

  • Prices according Pricelist 2016
  • HVS/T x07 - x14 (ES/EP) with EC-fans
  • Wall and ceiling type air coolers W and D removed
  • Accessory defrost heater ST heating rods removed for FHVI and HVIS
  • Electrical values modified for fans ø560 (HVIS/T)
  • Brine Air Cooler Selection Program updated


V 7.7.6 September 2015 - What's new?


  • Reduction capacity and air volume with asseccory "Defrost Damper"
  • Reduction of defrost capacity with accessory "Defrost Dome"
  • Refrigerant R449A added
  • Rime limits modified for refrigerants R407A, R407C, R407F und R449A

V 7.7.3 May 2015 - What's new?

  • Surface KVN 
  • Prices DLK/T x4x COG 
  • Bugfixing calculation FKNT
  • New catalogue HKN

V 7.7.2 April 2015 - What's new?

  • Brine Air Cooler Selection Program updated

V 7.7.1 April 2015 - What's new?

  • Prices according Pricelist 2015
  • New language Nederlands
  • FHV/T x21-x23 EC with EC-fans
  • Accessories air coolers added (Swivel-type fans, Defrost hood "Defrost Dome", Plug-in module EC fans, Hotgas defrost for HVIS, Filter assembly for DHN)
  • Accessories W/D "Suspension" removed
  • Accessories FKN/T "Defrost heaters" fixed
  • Brine Air Cooler Selection Program updated

V 7.6.3 - What's new?

  • CO2 for Cabinet air cooler on request
  • Bugfixing Calculation FKN/T

V 7.6.2 - What's new?

  • New air cooler CO2: FHV/T flatline, DLK/T flatline, DHN flatline COI
  • Energy efficiency ratings according Eurovent added

V 7.5.2 - What's new?

  • Prices according Pricelist 2014
  • Updated Brine Air Cooler (140408bacs1.9_ap.xlsm)
  • DHN with EC fans
  • Refrigerants R407A, R407C, R407F added for air cooler and condenser

V 7.4.6 - What's new?

  • FKN/T is equipped with EC fans
  • Updated Brine Air Cooler
  • Co2oler is now available with PS 60 bar
  • Refrigerant R410A included for air unit coolers

V 7.4.2 - What's new?

  • New fan coil units HKN/D 10-50 EC
  • HVS/T x02-x03 with EC fans ø300
  • Prices 2013
  • Brine Air Cooler Selection Program updated

V 7.3.2 - What's new?

  • FHV/T, DLK/T EP, HVS/T with fans ø300: new EC fans
  • Prices according to Pricelist 2012
  • Ability to create several datasheets
  • modified version Brine Air Cooler Selection "Air Cooler 1.8.xls" 

V 7.3.1 - What's new? 

  • Air Cooler ... COG added
  • DHN ... S added

V 7.2.2 - What's new?

  • modified version Brine Air Cooler Selection "Air Cooler 1.8.xls"

V 7.2.1 - What's new?

  • Fan coil unis: "Controller RDG" und Designhousing
  • Air cooler FHV/T x0x, DLK flatline, UV/T with additional name "EC" (Energy saving fans)
  • New accessories TA, TL, SU for FHV/T x0x EC 
  • modified version Brine Air Cooler Selection "Air Cooler 1.8.xls"
  • Support for Windows Server (32/64 bit)