For more than 60 years products from our house ensure the right temperatures. Through path- breaking developments in the field of refrigeration and air- conditioning engineering we have gained worldwide recognition.

Our product range covers unit air coolers, fan coils and finned heat exchangers. We only produce at our company located in Gerlingen near Stuttgart.

Fan Coil Units
Air Coolers
Heat Exchangers


General brochures

Roller product range


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Air unit coolers

Cubic type unit air coolers

  • HVS/T
  • FHV/T


1.70 MB

Ceiling type unit air coolers

  • DLK/T
  • DHN
  • FKN/T
  • UV/T


1.80 MB

Industrial type unit air coolers

  • FHVI/T
  • HVIS/T


0.6 MB


  • HVS/T
  • FHV/T
  • DHN
  • DLK/T


1.5 MB

Heat exchanger for display cabinets

  • UT, FK, GS, V
  • VW, VM, VD




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0.21 MB


Special evaporator SV


0.70 MB



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Update list air unit coolers


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Condenser/ Dry Cooler

Condenser KVN 


0.8 MB


Condensers/ Dry Coolers


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Fan coil units

Fan coils HKN


1.50 MB

References HKN


1.00 MB

Heat exchangers

Air heater/ Air cooler LE/ LK


0.99 MB

Heat pump evaporator WPV


0.63 MB