Seit 60 Jahren sorgen unsere Produkte für die richtigen Temperaturen. Richtungsweisende Entwicklungen in der Kälte- und Klimatechnik haben unserem Haus weltweite Anerkennung gebracht.

Unsere Produktpalette umfasst Luftkühler, Klimageräte und lamellierte Wärmeaustauscher. Diese produzieren wir ausschließlich an unserem Unternehmenssitz in Gerlingen bei Stuttgart.


Air unit coolers for extreme temperatures

Walter Roller can built air unit coolers up to room temperatures of -60 °C.

We optimise our air unit coolers for the most extreme conditions. Recently we deliverd FHV/T units for a blood plasm cooling plant. These evaporators are facing really hard conditions. The stress for the ball bearings in the fans is really high that is why only special adopted fans can meet such requirements. Several other componets e.g. the heater rods for defrost are specially designed to meet the operation temperature of -60 °C. Operational reliability is the most important point in the field of blood plasm cooling. It's a pleasure for us to see our customers having such good experience with our specially optimsed air unit coolers like one of this applications covered by german media. For more information have a look at the pictures at: Kälte Klima Aktuell