Seit 60 Jahren sorgen unsere Produkte für die richtigen Temperaturen. Richtungsweisende Entwicklungen in der Kälte- und Klimatechnik haben unserem Haus weltweite Anerkennung gebracht.

Unsere Produktpalette umfasst Luftkühler, Klimageräte und lamellierte Wärmeaustauscher. Diese produzieren wir ausschließlich an unserem Unternehmenssitz in Gerlingen bei Stuttgart.



Latest additions include e.g. new prices and DHN with EC fans.[mehr]

We advance in implementing energy saving EC technology to further models. Latestly we upgraded our double exhaust cooler DHN.[mehr]

A very efficient way to defrost unit air coolers is by hot brine. Let's have a look into our development department to get a impression of this way of defrosting.[mehr]

Walter Roller can built air unit coolers up to room temperatures of -60 °C.[mehr]

Documentation for different products has been updated feel free to download our request a printed one.[mehr]

The energy- efficiency of the FKN/T unit has been improved by installing EC- fans.[mehr]

Version 7.4.6 of the Roller Selection Software is now available for downloading.[mehr]

With immediate effect we can declare, that our air unit coolers for refrigerant CO2 (R744) can be used for pressures up to 60 bar.[mehr]

Our view to the energy related products directive 2009/125/EC.[mehr]

Some of our brochures were updated recently, feel free to download them, or request your printed copy from our sales staff.[mehr]